more like the the UMAD?yyads (i dont know anything about these games)

the Umayyads are the Islamic dynasty ruling most of Iberia in the 867 start.  They control like 2/3s of Portugal, all of Andalusia, and a big chunk of Aragon.  The only Christians left are Asturias, along the north coast of Spain, the rump state of Navarra, and Aquitainian Aragon, which is the only real problem because it’s ruled by a Karling, and trying to conquer it means like all of Europe gets mad at you.

It’s a start that very easily lets you establish an empire very quickly.  You can also easily overextend and take Toulouse or Provence, which triggers a panic in the Catholic world and begins the Crusades about 200 years too early.

the Umayyads are a really, really, really strong start. i mean damn

How The Saints Saved Christmas: really really good. not on sale, but i recommend it


Anonymous asked: i really need to know. i follow blogs with avery in them

it was originally conceived of as a very terrible.  the joke was that i was “a very terrible . tumblr” or a very terrible tumblr [microblog]

then everyone called me avery and i went along with it due to my lifelong appreciation of Avery Brooks as Captain Benjamin Sisko.

My life has been a series of accidents



shipping is disgusting you should all be ashamed of yourselves




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I violated one of the most important rules of thumb this morning: never presume malevolence when stupidity will suffice